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where we make the shiznit happen.

Our Own Fucked Up Celebrity RPG!
Posting Access:
All Members

Taken Players:
Jensen Ackles
Kristen Bell
Katie Cassidy
Jason Dohring
Dakota Fanning
Chad Micheal Murray
Jared Padalecki

New to the neighborhood? Got no Friends? No problem! Post an Intro and you'll make PLENTY! Just remember to not take drugs from Mischa and you'll have a grand old time. Stop in and say Hi to Colin! Afterall he's just a sad lonely boy waiting for his cow to come home.

There is only one rule: You must be crackalicious! Come on people! This is for fun! A way to unleash those crazy idea's of yours! Why not unleash them through the power of celebrity? Just make a character journal, join and then jump in on the crazy fun.

This is an RPG. Not real bitches, just two bored children with no lives. We have no idea who these beautiful celebritites actually are in real life, take no offense in anything way say. If you do, we apologise sincerely. In a final note we say--Plz Don't sue. Kthnxandbye