Jared the Jolly Green Giant (jayradpadalecki) wrote in lykeomgcelebs,
Jared the Jolly Green Giant

Jared woke up to the sun beating down hot on his face. He blinks his eyes open and lifts his head, seeing an endless stretch of white sand beach wondering how exactly he got where he was. Slowly he staggers to his feet, and brushes the sand off the seat of his pressed slacks.

He looks around, sees a thick brush of jungle behind him. It was odd, the last thing he remembers is asking a flight attendant for some more orange juice and the fasten seat belt button flashing.

He takes a few steps down the expanse of beach, before he sees it. The smoking wreckage of the plane.

"Shit," he breathes before he runs over to check if there's anyone else alive.
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