jensenwincest (jensenwincest) wrote in lykeomgcelebs,

Zombie Occupied New York: Day 71

Zombies Killed: 25
Body Count: Unknown
Morale Rating: -10000
Group Survivor Count: 10

There is really no easy way to say I fucked up. I fucked up bad. Base was overtaken, I couldn't save them all. There was too many... I don't know where half of the survivors went. Some could have escaped. Most probably were devoured. What happened... How did they penetrate our defenses? I should have been on the roof, I would have seen them coming. What the fuck was I thinking having an hour of sleep?

Jensen threw his journal across the crappy little room, waking up three survivors. Those that had followed him were now crowded in the second floor of the local library. Second floor. Jensen was panicky on the inside. If the Infected managed to reach them 16 floors up, two floors would be nothing. He grabbed his guns and went to the window. It was broad daylight, but he'd seen them. He'd seen them disregard the pain light inflicted on their skin and attack under the sun.

They were cocky. They'd all fallen into this stupour... but not this time. Jensen was going to be all about the constant vigilence.
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