jensenwincest (jensenwincest) wrote in lykeomgcelebs,

Zombie Occupied New York: Day 70

Zombies Killed: 0
Body Count: 0
Morale Rating: 4 (all time high)
Group Survivor Count: 41

Since the outbreak, I've been cool. I've been calm, I've taken all this shit in stride. But it's been 3 days since we've even seen an Infected. Milo's been up on the roof for the last three midnight to 7am shifts and he's seen dick all. Those are prime Infected roaming hours. He's worried, and when Milo's worried, I get worried.

We've had 2 supply runs in the past three days, both of which I was part of and both of which went off without a hitch. No hidden Infected in alleyways, none hidden in dark rooms. Quiet. The first weeks of the outbreak I could hear them on the streets, shlumping around feeding and raping...

The point is, they're not doing that anymore. Remember I said they were getting smarter? I think this might be a prelude to an ambush. Dani would accuse me of having no proof, but I can feel it. Something sure as hell ain't right and-

Jensen looked up from his diary entry. It was 11pm and the building, which by all rights should be sleeping, was in an uproar. He could hear people screaming, things shattering. Somedays, he really hated it when he was right.
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