jensenwincest (jensenwincest) wrote in lykeomgcelebs,

Zombie Occupied New York: Day 68

Zombies killed: 7
Body Count: 5
Morale Rating: 1
Group Survivor Count: 41

Five days ago me and Jared went out on a mission to send a signal to the outside world. It failed utterly, but on the plus side, we found another survivor colony of 13 people. One of them was my younger brother, Brock. I thought he-
Anyway, the point is, the more people, the more secure our base is. On some level anyway. Thanks to the group integration, we've accumulated a much needed semi qualified doctor. Her first patient was some guy Dani's supply run group picked up. Apparently it wasn't so routine.
Not that I'm the type to say I told you so....

He's in critical condition, apparently he's got PTS syndrome. We had to move him into solitary confinement. He keeps screaming and thrashing and occasionally throwing things...He's down on the 14th floor, but I can still hear him up here. Very distracting from my couple hours of feverish sleep.

I'm getting sicker but I refuse to see the doctor. I'm too cool for doctors. Oh jesus now I'm rambling in my end of the world diary.  And I've got a supply run in an hour. Wont some Infected please kill me now...

Jensen popped the last of his NyQuil. Hopefully they would get him through the rest of the day, no matter how drowsy he was.
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