jensenwincest (jensenwincest) wrote in lykeomgcelebs,

Zombie Occupied New York: Day 63

Zombies Killed: 34
Body Count: 6
Morale Rating: -25
Group Survivor Count: 32

The Infected are getting reckless, and not the good kind where we can take advantage of their stupidity. Their coming out in broad daylight in droves, trying to pick us off as we go on Patrol. After the ambush at the Supermarket 6 days ago, we increased the patrol groups to 6 members each. Today the Infected came out in 2 strike parties and took out a whole patrol in minutes. I should have been with them I should have at least had their back as an extra gun hand on the roof... I-

Jensen pulled the blanket tighter around his shoulders. He was shaking, freezing in the middle of a New York Autumn. He knew he wasn't Infected with mutated N1H1, but he sure as hell was infected with the flu.

We're in trouble. Not only do the Infected out number us around 400,000 to one, they're learning our routes, our escape plans. Whether this means there's a shred of humanity still left in them, I don't know. What I do know, is we need to keep on keepin' on. Today I'm going to set up a beacon on a radio tower a few miles from Base. No matter what crap the governments are feeding the masses about the "outbreak" in New York, someone sane will have to detect it. We need back up.

Dani and Misha'll hold down the fort while I'm gone. They're out of med supplies down on the 14th floor. Hopefully they can get a group of volunteers together to make the journey. And Sophia's new sniper better be ready. Otherwise I'm gonna be seriously pissed if I make it back alive.

Jensen sniffled as he put his pen down. His hands were shaking like crazy. The chills would pass soon enough and under the cover of the high noon sun, he'd set off on his task for the day. It was only 8am. He had time. He managed to jot down one more thought.

Today, I'm missing the sounds of irate traffic outside the window. Assholes honking their horns for a log jam that can't be fixed. If karma exists, every single one of those said assholes was an Infected I've shot in the head.

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