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it's called witchcraft, shortbus. [Jan 7, 2010 * 8:55pm]

Sam fumbled with the room key as he simultaneously balanced the take-out bag and a six pack of beer. They'd just finished up a case involving another amateur coven that had gotten in way over their heads with some scary dark mojo.

Sam seriously hated witches.

After a few tries he managed to get the door open, stepping into the cheesy decor of their motel room, "Dean," he called tossing the car keys and the food onto the tiny formica table in the corner. "Food's here!"
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[Dec 28, 2009 * 7:25pm]

John followed Sophia's half assed directions until he finally found the new survivor camp. That wench couldn't find her way out of a mall without the 'I am here' map. He hid stealth like in the bushes, waiting for the opportune moment when he could penetrate the new comer's camp and bring information back to The Others.
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[Dec 16, 2009 * 7:46pm]

Jared woke up to the sun beating down hot on his face. He blinks his eyes open and lifts his head, seeing an endless stretch of white sand beach wondering how exactly he got where he was. Slowly he staggers to his feet, and brushes the sand off the seat of his pressed slacks.

He looks around, sees a thick brush of jungle behind him. It was odd, the last thing he remembers is asking a flight attendant for some more orange juice and the fasten seat belt button flashing.

He takes a few steps down the expanse of beach, before he sees it. The smoking wreckage of the plane.

"Shit," he breathes before he runs over to check if there's anyone else alive.
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hang the code, and hang the rules [Dec 16, 2009 * 7:14pm]

The ship had barely docked before Jared jumped off, striding with a purpose onto the wild streets of Tortuga. For a pirate, he hated coming here, but they couldn't sail to Isla De Muerta with only two men, and Tortuga was the only place where he could find sailors crazy enough.

He headed for the Tavern certain he could rope a couple of drunkards into joining his crew for a few shillings a piece.
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[Nov 15, 2009 * 9:25pm]

It was unusually warm and sunny for a November day in Vancouver. Honestly, it was sort of freaking Jared out a little bit, but he wasn't going to complain, especially since him and Jensen had a rare day off.

He took his coffee out on the back porch and let the dogs run around waiting for Jensen to wake his ass up so they could get out and do something.
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Zombie Occupied New York: Day 71 [Nov 15, 2009 * 8:35pm]

Zombies Killed: 25
Body Count: Unknown
Morale Rating: -10000
Group Survivor Count: 10

There is really no easy way to say I fucked up. I fucked up bad. Base was overtaken, I couldn't save them all. There was too many... I don't know where half of the survivors went. Some could have escaped. Most probably were devoured. What happened... How did they penetrate our defenses? I should have been on the roof, I would have seen them coming. What the fuck was I thinking having an hour of sleep?

Jensen threw his journal across the crappy little room, waking up three survivors. Those that had followed him were now crowded in the second floor of the local library. Second floor. Jensen was panicky on the inside. If the Infected managed to reach them 16 floors up, two floors would be nothing. He grabbed his guns and went to the window. It was broad daylight, but he'd seen them. He'd seen them disregard the pain light inflicted on their skin and attack under the sun.

They were cocky. They'd all fallen into this stupour... but not this time. Jensen was going to be all about the constant vigilence.
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Zombie Occupied New York: Day 70 [Oct 5, 2009 * 1:12pm]


Zombies Killed: 0
Body Count: 0
Morale Rating: 4 (all time high)
Group Survivor Count: 41

Since the outbreak, I've been cool. I've been calm, I've taken all this shit in stride. But it's been 3 days since we've even seen an Infected. Milo's been up on the roof for the last three midnight to 7am shifts and he's seen dick all. Those are prime Infected roaming hours. He's worried, and when Milo's worried, I get worried.

We've had 2 supply runs in the past three days, both of which I was part of and both of which went off without a hitch. No hidden Infected in alleyways, none hidden in dark rooms. Quiet. The first weeks of the outbreak I could hear them on the streets, shlumping around feeding and raping...

The point is, they're not doing that anymore. Remember I said they were getting smarter? I think this might be a prelude to an ambush. Dani would accuse me of having no proof, but I can feel it. Something sure as hell ain't right and-

Jensen looked up from his diary entry. It was 11pm and the building, which by all rights should be sleeping, was in an uproar. He could hear people screaming, things shattering. Somedays, he really hated it when he was right.
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Zombie Occupied New York: Day 68 [Oct 2, 2009 * 8:31pm]


Zombies killed: 7
Body Count: 5
Morale Rating: 1
Group Survivor Count: 41

Five days ago me and Jared went out on a mission to send a signal to the outside world. It failed utterly, but on the plus side, we found another survivor colony of 13 people. One of them was my younger brother, Brock. I thought he-
Anyway, the point is, the more people, the more secure our base is. On some level anyway. Thanks to the group integration, we've accumulated a much needed semi qualified doctor. Her first patient was some guy Dani's supply run group picked up. Apparently it wasn't so routine.
Not that I'm the type to say I told you so....

He's in critical condition, apparently he's got PTS syndrome. We had to move him into solitary confinement. He keeps screaming and thrashing and occasionally throwing things...He's down on the 14th floor, but I can still hear him up here. Very distracting from my couple hours of feverish sleep.

I'm getting sicker but I refuse to see the doctor. I'm too cool for doctors. Oh jesus now I'm rambling in my end of the world diary.  And I've got a supply run in an hour. Wont some Infected please kill me now...

Jensen popped the last of his NyQuil. Hopefully they would get him through the rest of the day, no matter how drowsy he was.
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Zombie Occupied New York: Day 63 [Sep 27, 2009 * 4:23pm]


Zombies Killed: 34
Body Count: 6
Morale Rating: -25
Group Survivor Count: 32

The Infected are getting reckless, and not the good kind where we can take advantage of their stupidity. Their coming out in broad daylight in droves, trying to pick us off as we go on Patrol. After the ambush at the Supermarket 6 days ago, we increased the patrol groups to 6 members each. Today the Infected came out in 2 strike parties and took out a whole patrol in minutes. I should have been with them I should have at least had their back as an extra gun hand on the roof... I-

Jensen pulled the blanket tighter around his shoulders. He was shaking, freezing in the middle of a New York Autumn. He knew he wasn't Infected with mutated N1H1, but he sure as hell was infected with the flu.

We're in trouble. Not only do the Infected out number us around 400,000 to one, they're learning our routes, our escape plans. Whether this means there's a shred of humanity still left in them, I don't know. What I do know, is we need to keep on keepin' on. Today I'm going to set up a beacon on a radio tower a few miles from Base. No matter what crap the governments are feeding the masses about the "outbreak" in New York, someone sane will have to detect it. We need back up.

Dani and Misha'll hold down the fort while I'm gone. They're out of med supplies down on the 14th floor. Hopefully they can get a group of volunteers together to make the journey. And Sophia's new sniper better be ready. Otherwise I'm gonna be seriously pissed if I make it back alive.

Jensen sniffled as he put his pen down. His hands were shaking like crazy. The chills would pass soon enough and under the cover of the high noon sun, he'd set off on his task for the day. It was only 8am. He had time. He managed to jot down one more thought.

Today, I'm missing the sounds of irate traffic outside the window. Assholes honking their horns for a log jam that can't be fixed. If karma exists, every single one of those said assholes was an Infected I've shot in the head.

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Zombie Occupied New York: Day 57 [Sep 25, 2009 * 8:03pm]


Zombie's Killed:25
Body Count:3
Morale Rating:-2
Group Survivor Count:36

On the first day of the N1H1 outbreak, 75 of us escaped from the Infected. We outran about 67 of our former "fellow man" who'd decided to get the flu injections. The scientists apparently calculated something wrong. The majority of the population have been turned into desensitized meat suits, disregarding their muscular limits. They're not human.

Not for the first time, I've watched as they've done unspeakable things to those of us who are left, I mean really sick things. The only grim silver lining to their modus operandi: They don't leave a body to bury. Otherwise I predict group morale would be floored. Instead, we're still functioning in a low level depression state. Great.

It's 7am, sunrise, in the city that never sleeps. I don't hear anything. A month ago, that would have weirded me out. Now I know it's the mark of 12 hours of relative peace. The infected are hypersensitive to light. They don't sleep. They just hide.

You know what I miss? Aside from cable and communications systems? The Pigeons. Ever since the Infected took over, I haven't seen a single flying rodent. I'm not sure if the Infected are eating them, or they were just smart enough to fly away. Lucky bastards.

Jensen stretched his arms over his head as the rest of the 3 top floors of the16 floor office building woke up. He'd been on watch all night and wouldn't get to sleep now either. Maybe tomorrow.
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Manditory Celebrity Mixer [Sep 21, 2009 * 3:13pm]

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[Sep 21, 2009 * 3:01pm]


[Apr 14, 2009 * 7:34pm]

Jared dances around the kitchen, iPod earbuds in as he pulls out a frozen pizza to make for dinner. With no one around it's totally safe to sing 'Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me,' at the top of his lungs, complete with a really awesome booty dance.
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[Apr 3, 2009 * 11:49pm]

Jensen sat at the kitchen table with his coffee and his paper. It was a rare moment of domestic normalcy which he could only ever catch before Jared woke up. He took a deep breathe and smiled.
"Good morning to me."
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Startin' Over Again... [Mar 27, 2009 * 11:53pm]

Jensen fiddled with the top two buttons of his shirt, trying unsuccessfully to figure out if he should leave them undone or done up. It was kind of hard when you didn't have a mirror and you were literally seconds away from going on a blind date. God he hated blind dates. They were more painful than that time Mike put waxing strips on his arms and legs while he was sleeping.
Squaring his shoulders, he followed the waiter to the table. If it came down to it, he could always belch a couple times, scratch himself in public and voila, you've got instant date ender.
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jingle bell time is a swell time, to go glidin' in a one horse sleigh [Dec 21, 2008 * 6:37pm]

It's that time of year again and you're all invited to:

Bring Your Own EggnogCollapse )
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[I tried to be chill, but you're so hot that I melted] [Dec 12, 2008 * 9:42pm]

*pulls up outside Nathan's building, pulling the keys out of the ignition and doing a quick teeth and hair check in the rear view*
*brushes his bangs to the side and smiles to his reflection, satisfied with himself he hops out and heads over to knock on his door hoping he's not too early for their date*
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[Dec 12, 2008 * 9:44pm]

*feels really awkward as she hoovers in the doorway to the livingroom where Jeff's sitting reading the obits looking for a job*
*wrings her hands as she takes a deep breath*
Jeff...can I talk to you?
*looks at her feet, her cheeks pretty much burning*
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[Dec 7, 2008 * 7:12pm]

*sits on the edge of the bathtub, staring ar her watch and jiggling her knee*
*picks up the pregnancy test and smiles*
*takes out her cell phone and dials Jared's number*
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I'm Back Bitches! But for revenge. [Dec 4, 2008 * 10:34am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For all those who called me a loser or stupid or what ever... I have just won a lot of awards while all of you guys haven't....

Beat that!!!


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